Welcome to Mamucium! Located at the entrance to Manchester’s bohemian Northern Quarter, Mamucium introduces a dynamic, charismatic and comfortable setting that embraces the core characteristics of this city’s heritage.

We serve exceptional, locally-sourced ingredients, artfully prepared in our open kitchen; from signature dishes specially crafted by our Head Chef to your

family favourites recreated with a Mancunian twist, there’s something here for everyone, all day long.

Whether you’re joining us for an early morning business breakfast, a quick bite to eat, a few cocktails with friends or an intimate evening meal, expect fun, theatre and above all else, a truly unique Mamucium experience.



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Steaks at Mamucium is Going Live!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest theme night – Steaks at Mamucium! Flourishing from the love and passion our Head Chef – Andrew Green has for a good ‘old steak, we couldn’t think of a better theme night for Mamucium that a steak experience people will be talking about again […]

Steaks at Mamucium

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest theme night – Steaks at Mamucium! The story of a traditional steak night dates back to before pen took to paper, and here at Mamucium, we like to celebrate our heritage in many ways. With steak being a staple of our ever-changing neighbourhood, this […]

Chef Andrew Green Shortlisted for the Northern Leadership Awards

Massive congrats to our Executive Chef Andrew Green on being shortlisted for ‘Empowering Potential Leader Award’ at the Northern Leadership Awards – so well deserved! Thank you to The Business Desk North West for this wonderful opportunity. Stay tuned to see what else Chef has coming up.