An Exquisite Afternoon Tea

With its dainty finger sandwiches, cream scones and sponge cakes, afternoon tea is a quintessentially English indulgence. And whilst Manchester doesn’t have a reputation for daintiness, no one can say we’re not fond of a good afternoon tea.

We got our talented pastry chefs Megan Chester and Morgan Mole to come up with an afternoon tea that was Manchester through and through! What they came up with is truly spectacular!

Taking pride of place are the Vimto macarons and Manchester tarts, alongside a delicate honey sponge cake topped with a Manchester bee, a Chocolate Orange Opera. And of course, afternoon tea wouldn’t be afternoon tea without giant, fluffy home baked scones served with Chantilly cream and served with an assortment of jams – we’ll let you decide whether it’s cream then jam or jam then cream!

For those who love a bit of savoury, there are also chunky tuna mayonnaise wraps, an oven bottom muffin filled with locally-sourced ham and wholegrain mustard, and crustless egg mayonnaise finger sandwiches. We’re all about serving and preparing locally sourced ingredients, including salmon that’s smoked right here in Manchester. The Manchester Smoke House use a traditional recipe which has survived four generations and the sinking of the Titanic to make it onto the plate.

The salmon is also treated using a secret curing recipe before being hand-filleted and plunged it into salt for an undisclosed amount of time – and there’s no added sugar, as you often find with cheaper supermarket cuts.

Our exquisite afternoon tea is also served with a choice of either single origin coffee that’s roasted just down the road from Salford Roasters, or a selection of loose leaf teas from Denton-based Tea from the Manor. They only use the finest quality tea leaves when creating their numerous blends, including an indigo coloured tea especially created for us!

The best bit about our afternoon tea, it costs just £14.95 per person.

To book call 0161 359 7498