CheeseFest is sticking around throughout January!

We are so excited to announce our #CheeseFest is being extended throughout January!

Christmas doesn’t have to end, feast on a 1kg or 3kg of gooey baked French cheese!

Surrounded by an array of freshly baked fruit and nut loaf, pigs in blankets tossed in honey and grain mustard,  clementine spiced cranberry sauce, award-winning W H Frost crispy home-cured pancetta, cox apples, rose grapes, Derby Hill Farm hand-made artisan salted butter and candied pecans.

Try our BEAST 3kg CheeseFest! It’s perfect to share between a party of 10-12, or as a challenge for 1-2, priced at £59.95. Too much for you? Don’t sweat! If fancy a smaller version we’re also offering a 1kg (perfect for 4 people) for £29.95

Available daily between 12pm and 10pm but must be booked 24 hours in advance and subject to availability.  

For an additional touch of luxury, add on unlimited prosecco for £10 per person – valid for 1.5 hours upon arrival. 

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