People Behind the Pass Series – Part 1

Meet Ferdinand Reitz

We believe that a brilliant restaurant cannot be what it is without the many talented people behind the pass. We’re fortunate here at Mamucium to have some genuinely remarkable chefs, like our Sous Chef – Ferdinand Reitz (better known as Ferdi).

Descending from Dresden, a city just south from Berlin in Germany, Ferdi has always had a passion for the hospitality world. Throughout high school, he pursued his love for food with a work experience placement in a small restaurant; this milestone was when he knew he wanted to be a chef! With the big dreams of running his own kitchen one day, Ferdi is on the path to success, with his whole team behind him. 

Ferdinand has been a part of Mamucium’s culinary team from the very beginning and has supported our executive Chef Andrew Green throughout the first year and beyond. Take it from us, being No.2 in the kitchen can be an intense place to be, and yet he’s always got a smile on his face! We sat down with Ferdinand and found out what makes him tick.

Who is your ultimate hero?

My father

What’s your favourite cuisine?

Nepalese and Thai food. If you haven’t tried Nepalese cuisine, I highly recommend MoMos which is a filled dumpling with a selection of dips, e.g. coriander and lime, tomato and pine nuts… that is to die for!

What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Being involved in the opening process of the hotel and restaurant as well as being a part of a team that achieved a Two – Rosettes standard in two different establishments. Being accepted to the developing program to prepare me for my next step is also a significant achievement for me.

What’s the most valuable possession you own?

My Labradoodle April, follow @aprilthelabradoodle on Instagram J

What is your idea of the perfect day?

Spending quality time with people I love and no drama.

Your favourite ingredient in the kitchen to use?

Simple, salt and butter!

In contrast, what do you consider the most overrated ingredient?

Extra Virgin Olive oil.

If your friends describe you in one word, what would it be?

Passionate but also temperamental as I do care a lot about what I do.

What do you value most in people?

Honesty and respect.

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

In Germany, at a small town called Ober-Eulowitz. Quiet and peaceful all year round.

What do you think are the essential qualities that make a good chef?

Being passionate, organized, consistent, drive, discipline and confident

What do you have in your fridge at home?

Hmmm…. I haven’t checked in a while. What do you have?

What is your most common phrase?

“Why are you late?”

What is your state of mind when cooking?   

Precise and efficient

Where would you love to visit in 2020?

Iceland or New Zealand