Steaks at Mamucium is Going Live!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest theme night – Steaks at Mamucium!

Flourishing from the love and passion our Head Chef – Andrew Green has for a good ‘old steak, we couldn’t think of a better theme night for Mamucium that a steak experience people will be talking about again and again. The story of a traditional steak night dates back to before pen took to paper, and here at Mamucium we like to celebrate our heritage in many ways. Steak has always been a staple of northern England and has been the king of all meats since time began!

Here at Mamucium we really respect and understand the importance of good quality and locally sourced ingredients – we really do live by this as much as possible. When we first opened partnering with a local supplier was very important for us to find a high-quality and sustainable source that we could trust. We were very particular in who would provide us with the best possible meats. We are very lucky to have the top butchers in the country here in Greater Manchester and one of our beloved meat suppliers is no other than straight talker – Lee Horsley Frost from W H FROST Ltd, AKA – Frosty the Butcher. He has become one of our go-to suppliers and for good reason!

W H FROST in Chorlton Place is renowned for its high quality, award-winning meats and that goes back to 1890! Lee’s great Grandfathers pioneered this industry back in the day with his butcher’s shop in Moss-side and the rest is history.

Lee has led the family business with his dad and three brothers alongside a fleet of loyal workers of 20 odd years ever since! Their top-notch quality and impeccable customer services have gained them many awards over the years and have created the name that so many restaurants, bars, hotels and many more trust in.

Join us for our menu launch on the 17th of September, 5 pm – 10.30pm and meet Frosty in the flesh! He will be around to chat and educate our guests on the importance of good quality meat and what cuts he thinks are the best choice.

Tuck into a variety of sensational steaks from a sizzling 8oz beef rump for only £8.95, to a 10oz rib eye from £20.95 or go all out and indulge in the 800g Tomahawk steak for two people for £49.50.

Also don’t forget to try out a starter first including the classic Lancashire onion soup, authentic Italian soft burrata or the legendary lobster macaroni cheese.

Topping it off your steak experience enjoy live sets by the talented guitarist Chris Astley, he will be jamming all evening long.

We want you to be the first to try out our newest concept.

Book your table and check out the menu and we’ll see you on Tuesday!