The Tradition of a Sunday Roast has long been the favourite meal for Brits and Mancunians alike.

The British love for roast beef, particularly for lunch on a Sunday, runs in the veins of every meat lover! So much so, that even the French nicknamed Englishmen “rosbifs” in the early 18th Century. The Sunday Roast remains as much of a tradition today, as it was a few hundred years ago. It is a tradition that has stood the test of time, spreading from the family dinner table to us here at Mamucium.

We could not be happier to be celebrating this age-old tradition by bringing the Sunday Roast to the tables in Mamucium from 26th July 2020.

We are firm believers that Sundays are a day where families, friends and partners connect to share stories and tales from the week past, and plan those adventures for the weeks to come; Sunday is the day for sharing smiles and laughter, with those you may not have seen over recent months.

Mamucium returns with a roast dinner to make all this possible, with a roast beef sharing board for £14.95 per person based on minimum 2 people sharing.

The new boards, starting from 26th July, are packed full with a roast rump of locally sourced beef, cooked to your liking, fluffy yet crispy roast potatoes; carrot & swede mash; mixed market vegetables and of course the tastiest Yorkshire Puddings you can get your chops around. All this covered with lashings of unlimited gravy – YES, WE SAID UNLIMITED GRAVY!!

Available each Sunday from 12.30- 16.30, with limited capacities in the restaurant to ensure social distancing, head to our online booking tool to check availability or alternatively just call us directly on 0161 359 7496 with any questions!

Whether you’re a familiar face or are new to the family, we can’t wait to make new memories with this age-old tradition here at Mamucium.